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Top Music Genres of 2019

Music is constantly changing, and there is no assurance that the music which is popular today is going to be the same tomorrow. People’s taste in music has been following the trends while some have stuck to their music roots which brought them up. While there are new genres popping up in the music industry, there are some old titan genres which are still invincible due to their worldwide popularity. Here we take a look at the top trending music genres in 2019.

Heavy Metal

Although heavy metal is not getting much popularity on media channels, it is still the most listened music genre in the world. It is also the fastest-growing music genre in the world. People listen to heavy metal bands in the mobile devices, and the overall online streaming of this genre was reported to have more than 150% rise, leave alone the offline streaming. We can only say for sure that metal bands are going nowhere when they are the ones conducting the world’s biggest concerts today.


Hip pop

Hip-Hop has been spreading around the world both commercially and on the underground level. More and more listeners and artists are popping up on social media channels with hundreds of new tracks released every day. Since its beginning, hip-hop has always been a medium of representing our true selves which is why more and more people are vibing with it. There are talented rappers who are getting recognized in different communities on one day and becoming an international artist the next day. With a high demand for hip-hop music, this genre can relax and remain evergreen.


Not up until the last decade, K-Pop suddenly took over people’s hearts and now everyone has a favourite band from Korea. The K-Pop industry is a highly professional one, with schools and training programs for those who want to become a K-pop star. It is not at all easy, and the artists have to stay fit, follow their daily routines and take orders from the organisation ( media house) which makes their tracks. But for all the love and fame they are getting from the world, all these struggles won’t even count as problems.


We have witnessed some of the greatest artists creating Electronic Dance Music in their own ways. There are different sub-genres in EDM, such as progressive, trap, dubstep, and more. There are more listeners of EDM in offices than any other genre. One of the reasons for it is that EDM has very least of verbal messages and is mostly music which keeps the listening people focused on their work and not get distracted by words in the music as it gets played in the background.


Musical Instruments Which are Easy to Learn

Music is the food for the soul, and there is possibly no one who doesn’t like any kind of music. People have different tastes in music depending on their origins, culture, influence, or something they surprisingly found. Some people create music, some like to listen to them, and some like to sing along to enjoy the moments. The people who play it can also be the ones who play it as a hobby or a profession. Nonetheless every one can learn how to play an instrument, and there are hundreds of them to choose from. Let us take a look at the top easy to play instruments that you can use for cooking food for your soul.




Keyboards are the electric version of pianos which are easily portable and have low maintenance. They are also capable of creating thousands of sounds and tones without the need for a complex arrangement. It is a suitable instrument for children to have fun and learn at the same time. Keyboards are also affordable and can give you the boost you require in the beginning to learn music.


Recorders are one of the cheapest instrument that you can buy for learning to play. It is a wind instrument which is an alternative to its advanced version – flute. You can learn to play it almost anywhere without the need for electricity, carry bad, or a stand. Also, it is easy to play but difficult to master. Once you learn how to coordinate your fingers, you can play almost any tune on a recorder.

Acoustic Guitar

Although it may not seem like the easiest instrument, there are several other much more complex string instruments out there which makes the acoustic guitar look like child’s play. You can learn to play guitars from 4 strings to 18 strings. It is played by strumming the strings to produce the sound you need to play a song. Learning to play guitar also increases concentration ability in kids, and they become much more focused.


Getting a drum set can be a little expensive, but if you want to take drumming seriously, you will need a good drum set. Otherwise, you are just playing the buckets. Drums are the percussion instruments and are the oldest form of music. You can start playing them by striking the drums with sticks and with time, you can learn and understand the rhythm to become a skilled drummer.

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar is one of the most important parts of instruments in Jazz, Latin, Rock and more. It is similar to an electric guitar but has a longer neck and scale length. It has only four to six strings and is played to back up the entire music and filling up the gaps. Learning to play bass guitar can be as challenging as learning an acoustic guitar. Also, bass guitar has a positive vibe to it, and it affects your life, health, mental ability in a healthy manner so if you choose to play, you will be calm and relaxed without worrying about keeping on track.

Future Predictions of Music

As the technology continues to grow towards future as it did for the last two decades, the music industry has also seen some revolutionary changes in music and is predicted to witness even more in the coming years. As we connect with the artists from the other part of the world instantly through the internet, what more is coming at us in the near future? Here are the future predictions made by experts in the music industry, which seems believable.

Hits will live forever


Now that the music is easily accessible with the internet, It is happening for the first time that one can find the music from any era and place in a few clicks. Now that the entire music library is available online, there is no music which has to compete with any other in order to become a hit. There are tracks on YouTube which get famous years after they were uploaded. So in the future, we can definitely have long-lasting hits.

The image of a global superstar is changing

In the old days, for someone to become an international superstar, they needed to be signed and backed by a world-known record label. It involved huge investments in promoting music in different countries. But now with the internet, one can easily promote their music online and can even get paid for every stream of their video or audio. There are new stars that are coming out every day from different parts of the world and are making huge fan bases for themselves. We can only wait to see who is the next artist who starts from the bottom and reach heights immediately.

VR in Music

Visual Effects

Seems like a pretty pointless idea but no one really knows what levels we are looking at. Virtual Reality has been really advancing towards providing a realistic simulation experience to the user at their homes. One good prediction made about the use of VR technology in Music is the option of watching artists perform live in a 360 VR experience without the need of going to the venue. Although who would not like to visit to see the artists in real life, but still it makes us think beyond the possibilities the future is holding for us.

Live Experience is going to get bigger

As the biggest concerts like Tomorrowland and Coachella have made history by creating a dreamworld full of musicians and world-famous artists coming together to have a great festival, we can expect even bigger parties in the future. The decorations, lights, props are some of the key factors to create a memorable experience for the fans. We can expect to see more of such events happening around the world which will gather massive crowds.