Early Childhood and Pre-School Music programs:
Music, Mommy, and Me: $325 per 16-week semester

First Movement: $325 per 16-week semester

Family Fun: 1 child $325 per 16-week semester, $445 for 2 children, $505 for 3 children

Wee Music Makers: $950 for 32-week school year, or $111 monthly

Applied Music Lessons:
Tuition is based on the 9-month, 32-week school year and is payable monthly for 9 months (includes a 5 percent service fee), quarterly (due in September, November, January, and March), 2 payments in September and January, or 1 payment payable in September.

PIANO, VIOLIN, FLUTE, AND VOICE: based on availability of classes, we offer the following plans:

Plan 1: 30-minute private lesson, plus 40-minute class each week.

Plan 2: 45-minute private lesson each week, plus 40-minute bi-monthly performance class.

Plan 3: 45-minute private lesson each week.

Plan 4: 60-minute private lesson each week, or 2 30-minute lessons each week.

Plan 5: 30-minute private lesson each week.


Plans 1, 2, and 3: $1795 for the school year, $448.75 quarterly, or $209 monthly

Plan 4: $2394 for the school year, $598.50 quarterly, or $279 monthly

Plan 5: $1197 for the school year, $299.25 quarterly, or $140 monthly

DEPOSIT: Upon enrollment, we require a $50 deposit which is applied to your tuition.

HOME LESSONS: An additional charge is applied per trip.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES and FEES: Print music purchased for your child, as well as fees for special activities such as Festivals, Competitions, and Recitals will be billed at appropriate times.

LATE FEE: If the account is not paid by the 10th of the month, a $15 late fee will be charged.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS: An annual discount of $25 is given to the first 2 students in a family. A $50 discount is given to the third and subsequent family members.

SENIOR DISCOUNT: A 20% discount on tuition is given to students age 62 and above.