As the technology continues to grow towards future as it did for the last two decades, the music industry has also seen some revolutionary changes in music and is predicted to witness even more in the coming years. As we connect with the artists from the other part of the world instantly through the internet, what more is coming at us in the near future? Here are the future predictions made by experts in the music industry, which seems believable.

Hits will live forever


Now that the music is easily accessible with the internet, It is happening for the first time that one can find the music from any era and place in a few clicks. Now that the entire music library is available online, there is no music which has to compete with any other in order to become a hit. There are tracks on YouTube which get famous years after they were uploaded. So in the future, we can definitely have long-lasting hits.

The image of a global superstar is changing

In the old days, for someone to become an international superstar, they needed to be signed and backed by a world-known record label. It involved huge investments in promoting music in different countries. But now with the internet, one can easily promote their music online and can even get paid for every stream of their video or audio. There are new stars that are coming out every day from different parts of the world and are making huge fan bases for themselves. We can only wait to see who is the next artist who starts from the bottom and reach heights immediately.

VR in Music

Visual Effects

Seems like a pretty pointless idea but no one really knows what levels we are looking at. Virtual Reality has been really advancing towards providing a realistic simulation experience to the user at their homes. One good prediction made about the use of VR technology in Music is the option of watching artists perform live in a 360 VR experience without the need of going to the venue. Although who would not like to visit to see the artists in real life, but still it makes us think beyond the possibilities the future is holding for us.

Live Experience is going to get bigger

As the biggest concerts like Tomorrowland and Coachella have made history by creating a dreamworld full of musicians and world-famous artists coming together to have a great festival, we can expect even bigger parties in the future. The decorations, lights, props are some of the key factors to create a memorable experience for the fans. We can expect to see more of such events happening around the world which will gather massive crowds.