Music, Mommy and Me (Ages 3 mos. – 18 mos.)
Your baby is introduced to the joy of making music with his/her mom, dad, or caretaker. Babies play with simple instruments, such as maracas, bells, and sticks, along with songs and rhymes. Rhythmic movement nurtures the child’s musical instincts! They have fun interacting with other children while playing with music instruments. Music, Mommy and Me helps your baby learn to listen and focus; through imitation, rudimentary musical skills are developed.

Fall Semester  begins September 5th REGISTER NOW!!
Deposit: $50.00 (non-refundable) to be returned with registration card.
Tuition: $310 Tuition due by first day of class
All classes are 30 minutes for 16 weeks.
Tuesday: 10:15 & 10:50 (Stathia Orwig)
Wednesday: 12:05 (Stathia Orwig)
Thursday: 1:00 (Stathia Orwig)

First Movement (Ages 1 ½ – 3 ½)
Wee Music Makers (Ages 3 ½ – Kindergarten)
Family Fun Music Class (For children up to 5 years)
Piano Lessons (Ages 5 – Adult)
Suzuki Style Flute (Ages 4 to Adult)
Violin (Ages 5 to Adult)
Guitar (Ages 5 to Adult)
Adult Lessons

Music Lessons
A successful learning experience is the result of all sides of a triangle working together. Our job as dedicated teachers is to equip our students with the skills necessary to enjoy music. In addition to planning and presenting a well-rounded curriculum, we encourage and motivate our students to achieve their best. Since all of our teachers are dedicated to life-long learning, we continue to study, to practice and to participate in professional activities.

The student is expected to regularly attend lessons. A good attitude is essential. Sufficient and proper practice is the only way to ensure progress; the teacher will present appropriate practice goals to each student.

The parents’ most important job is to encourage the student in the study of music. This encouragement includes scheduling the student’s day so that there is sufficient time to practice, bringing and picking up your child promptly at lesson time, showing pride in the progress each child demonstrates, taking time to listen to your child perform at home, and participating in and enjoying Dallas/Music activities.