Music is constantly changing, and there is no assurance that the music which is popular today is going to be the same tomorrow. People’s taste in music has been following the trends while some have stuck to their music roots which brought them up. While there are new genres popping up in the music industry, there are some old titan genres which are still invincible due to their worldwide popularity. Here we take a look at the top trending music genres in 2019.

Heavy Metal

Although heavy metal is not getting much popularity on media channels, it is still the most listened music genre in the world. It is also the fastest-growing music genre in the world. People listen to heavy metal bands in the mobile devices, and the overall online streaming of this genre was reported to have more than 150% rise, leave alone the offline streaming. We can only say for sure that metal bands are going nowhere when they are the ones conducting the world’s biggest concerts today.


Hip pop

Hip-Hop has been spreading around the world both commercially and on the underground level. More and more listeners and artists are popping up on social media channels with hundreds of new tracks released every day. Since its beginning, hip-hop has always been a medium of representing our true selves which is why more and more people are vibing with it. There are talented rappers who are getting recognized in different communities on one day and becoming an international artist the next day. With a high demand for hip-hop music, this genre can relax and remain evergreen.


Not up until the last decade, K-Pop suddenly took over people’s hearts and now everyone has a favourite band from Korea. The K-Pop industry is a highly professional one, with schools and training programs for those who want to become a K-pop star. It is not at all easy, and the artists have to stay fit, follow their daily routines and take orders from the organisation ( media house) which makes their tracks. But for all the love and fame they are getting from the world, all these struggles won’t even count as problems.


We have witnessed some of the greatest artists creating Electronic Dance Music in their own ways. There are different sub-genres in EDM, such as progressive, trap, dubstep, and more. There are more listeners of EDM in offices than any other genre. One of the reasons for it is that EDM has very least of verbal messages and is mostly music which keeps the listening people focused on their work and not get distracted by words in the music as it gets played in the background.